Sponsorship of Exception Not Found is available for companies and organizations that wish to reach 44k users and 4k email subscribers all around the globe. I've chosen to do sponsorship instead of traditional web ads because, frankly, traditional ads are terrible and sponsorship is a much better experience for everyone.


My audience is spread all around the world. For the calendar year 2020, here are the ten countries that had the most visitors to my site:

Country % of Sessions
United States 19.6%
India 12.1%
United Kingdom 5.8%
Germany 3.1%
Canada 3.1%
Turkey 2.8%
Brazil 2.7%
Poland 2.2%
Netherlands 2.0%
Australia 1.9%

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Message Location

The sponsor message will be featured in two places. First, an unobtrusive message on the main site, visible at the top of every page, for the duration of the sponsorship period.

The message is equally prominent on smaller screens.

Second, a special message sent in the public email newsletters delivered for that week, thanking the sponsor for their support. This message will be featured in a prominent location right at the beginning of the newsletter email.

The message also appears in the RSS feed, which is used by both RSS readers and other consuming apps, as well as an unobtrusive link at the end of all posts.

The sponsorship messages will not currently be featured in newsletters for premium posts (e.g. issues of The Catch Block).

Message Content

The sponsor message is required to be unobtrusive; that is, it must consist of text and a single external URL; I am not permitting images or other kinds of content outside of text and a link.

The sponsor message may be up to 140 characters and will be shown after a "Currently sponsored by:" tag for transparency. The message needs to clearly identify the company or organization behind it, and be direct and candid.

The message URL will be directly linked to by the message, and must point at a URL owned by the sponsoring organization. Said URL should also be accessible by the majority of my audience. Please limit the tracking on this URL; my audience values privacy and excessive tracking from sponsor messages is heavily discouraged.


Because a sponsorship is a direct relationship between myself and a company or organization, it's possible that some organizations may not be a good fit.


Pricing is POA and may change over time. Sponsorship is offered in weekly blocks.

Getting Started

If you'd like to sponsor Exception Not Found for a week, please contact me using one of the methods on my Contact page. I am looking forward to our partnership!