Diary of a Death March: Terry's Story

June 2nd It went through! After all the effort the three of us put into this deal, the company we have been trying to purchase for more than a year is finally ours. They have got a great name, a wonderful team, myriad projects, and satisfied customers. And now they are ours. Song did an incredible job at the negotiations, especially near the end. He, Hannah, and I will now head up this company, and I am sure we are... Read more >

Diary of a Death March: Marisol's Story

December 1st It's a wrap! We got that custom video server out the door on time and on budget, which makes Francis happy, which makes me happy. Just another success for Engineering Team 3! Sanita, Emily, Salvador, Jack: you guys rock! On to the next project! December 9th And another project flies out the door! We've been killing it lately, not that I expected anything different. After all, we're software developers, and our company needs something done, so we get... Read more >

Diary of a Death March: Bianca's Story

September 1st Team meeting today. Management is pushing us hard to seal the deal with this customer we're meeting on the 4th. So, obviously, we're going to make that deal. The company needs it, so it's my job to make it happen. We need a win. September 4th Meeting with the customer went down today, and I gotta say, this project will be no problem. What the customer wants is a simple project scheduling system, like MS Project but with... Read more >

Diary of a Death March: Emily's Story

December 12th Has it really been three years? Doesn't seem like it's been that long since we moved. But it has to be, since Hayley was four when we came here and she's seven now. My little girl is seven! Man does time fly. Anyway, got a Christmas party tonight that we need to go prepare for. Hayley will be doing her little dance for her grandparents; she's so looking forward to showing them. I just hope Marlene doesn't bring... Read more >

Diary of a Death March: Christian's Story

February 25th They called me back! I was starting to fear that I'd never get another job as a programmer, and yet someone offered me an position! No more unemployment for me! Sure, it's less money than my last place was paying me, but I can't be picky in these hard times. I've been looking for weeks, and I'm nearly broke. I start on Monday. Thank God I have a job again! March 1st First day on the job, and... Read more >

Diary of a Death March: Steve's Story

January 23rd Has it been days? Weeks, even? I can't remember the last time I saw anything other than the slate gray cubicle walls surrounding my "office." Is "outside" even a thing anymore? What is "sunlight"? What day is it? Does it even matter what day it is? Course it doesn't. I'd still be here regardless. They didn't care about Christmas. Oh, they told us we could go home, "spend time with your... Read more >