Introducing the Read-Aloud Corner

I'm a huge fan of reading aloud to your kids. Every night for the past year, me and my three children have read a chapter of book aloud, right before going to bed. I can honestly say it's been one of the best things I've ever done both with, and for, my kids. Reading aloud provides all sorts of benefits to your children. It teaches them to understand how stories work; to ask questions about words and expand their vocabulary;... Read more >

On Living With ADHD

I have been living with ADHD my entire life. I was diagnosed at 7, in treatment for many of my pre-high-school years, and on medication then and now. For much of my school career, I had great difficulty focusing, keeping track of my homework, and just generally remembering to do things. Everything involving memory was more difficult for me than it was (seemingly) for my peers, and it got to a point where wait is that a butterfly? What kind... Read more >

Phoenix is Not Just Saguaros and Camelback Mountain

RANT WARNING: This is not a technical post; it was inspired by watching major sports events that took place here in Phoenix and seeing every major network only show pictures of cacti and Camelback Mountain to represent this city. Cacti, Camelback, and Cowboys I've lived in Phoenix, Arizona my entire life, and I love it here. My family is from Wichita, Kansas (both my parents were born there), and I've spent significant time there and in California, but I can... Read more >