Why Does ODP.NET Have Async Methods If They're Not Asynchronous?

The Oracle Client (ODP.NET) that we are using to build a major web project put us in a really stupid bind last week, ultimately causing me to waste two days in search of something that wasn't really going to work in the first place. I'm on something of an async/await binge with this project, since in C# and ASP.NET it's really easy to implement and possibly gives you great scalability benefits. So, one of the first things... Read more >

A Simple Explanation of Async and Await in ASP.NET

Once in a while, the technical presentations that I conduct at my day job force me to learn something new, something I'd never had to deal with before. This happened just last week, when my coworkers voted for the topic of the next session to be Async and Await in .NET. These two keywords make writing asynchronous code much simpler than it was before .NET 4.5. I'll be perfectly honest: until last week I know nothing about asynchronous programming.... Read more >