Hello dear readers! I am hereby inviting technical professionals of all skills and backgrounds, to write a guest post for this blog!

Writing with a fountain pen
You could write it with a fountain pen. Will be hard to host, though. Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash


You write a blog post, I'll help edit it and assist with finding your "writing voice", and I'll host it right here on Exception Not Found!


I have long felt that every technical professional should have their own blog, whether it is read by anyone or not. The primary purpose of blogging is not to share ideas (though this is a useful feature), the primary purpose to help the writer figure out how to communicate effectively through writing, something that is an essential skill for all programmers.

But, of course, blogging costs money. Not everyone has that. Blogging also takes time and effort, but I can help with those problems. I want to make it easier for those who are just starting to write their own blog posts, to get feedback, improve their written communication, to better their soft skills. Communication is a skill, and one that all programmers need.

So, I want to help you, dear readers, develop your written communication skills. Writing clear, concise, understandable text makes us better programmers!

Your Post is Your Story. I'll Help Edit It.

I'll make this part simple: your post is yours. I will not be credited as an "author" on your post, you will.

I will, however, be very proud to act as an editor on your story, suggesting changes, selecting more descriptive words, helping with syntax, that sort of thing. I won't write it for you, but I am happy to help you form ideas and words that you can use in your specific, individual way. We will go through as many changes as it takes until you are satisfied with the quality of your post.

Then, when your post is published, I'll publicize it just like I do for all of my regular posts, on Twitter and LinkedIn, and credit you as the author. You can then feel free to link to it on your resume, or personal site, or whatever you wish.

As long as this site exists, your post will exist. I won't take any of the guest posts down, for any reason, unless the author of that post specifically requests that I do so.

What Am I Looking For?

I am open to hosting all kinds of blog posts on this site! For example:

  • Tutorials. Show the audience how to do something cool! Make it easy to follow, and easy to replicate.
  • Stories. Did something happen to you that changed your thought process? Or maybe a failure of yours made your professional outlook better? All kinds of stories are welcome here!
  • Tips. Did this one easy trick actually work for you? Share with us!
  • Deep Dives. Need 5000 words to explain why a particular language feature is the way it is? Or maybe you want to show why this one obscure idea is the way forward for our industry.
  • Multi-part series. Maybe you're the adventurous type and need a whole series to explain your idea? No problem! We'll review, edit, and publish each part to make sure your series is conveying the ideas you want to convey!


There are only a few rules as to what kinds of posts I will accept. These posts must be:

  • Related to Programming. It doesn't need to be in the .NET or Microsoft ecosystem, but it must be programming-related.
  • Not just an opinion piece. Your post can contain your opinions, but they should not be the main focus of the post.
  • Written in English. At the moment I cannot host blog posts in other languages.
  • No sponsored posts. If the central focus of your post is a certain tool that's for sale or a certain suite of tools by a given company, then it's not a good fit for this program.

Posts by Guest Writers

The following posts have been written by my excellent guest writers:

You can see all of them on the Authors page.

Get Writing!

What are you waiting for? You can write a guest post now!

Use the comments below to get in touch with me, or contact me using any of the ways listed on the contact page. I look forward to hearing any and all ideas, and to helping other technical professionals improve their written communication skills!