Beginning on Wednesday, March 11th 2020, I will start publishing a weekly curated newsletter for my paying subscribers. Said newsletter will contain writeups on the news of the week in the .NET, Microsoft, web tech, and wider programming worlds, as well as links to awesome articles that I read and think might be useful to you, my dear readers.

This newsletter will be called The Catch Block.  Given the name of this blog, I am sure you can see why.

A person reads a newspaper, including the headline 'wap-bap, da-da da-da-da'.
I assure you, The Catch Block will have better titles. Photo by Roman Kraft / Unsplash

The Catch Block will be a paid subscriber benefit only; its issues will never go live to the public. That said, The Catch Block will be in addition to the regular content on this blog: the regular posts will still be for paid members only for two weeks and will then become accessible to everyone. The regular posts will still be published at least once a week.

Issues of The Catch Block will also not appear in the RSS feed, so those of you who are subscribed to the blog through RSS will never see them; as always, I am trying to be as friendly and accommodating to my dear readers as possible, no matter if they are paid subscribers or not.

Publishing this newsletter is something I've been wanting to do for a while now, and I've finally acquired the plan, writing skill, resources and time I need to accomplish it.

What Do I Get For Subscribing?

Here's the kinds of things you can expect to get when you sign up to be a paid member and receive The Catch Block:

  • News of the Week: We'll discuss some of the major news stories from the .NET/Microsoft world and the wider tech world in general.
  • Cool Reads: Some particularly interesting articles (or videos, or example sites, or GitHub projects, etc.) that I read that week and think will be of particular use or interest to you, my dear readers.
  • Recaps: A quick recap of the posts that were published on Exception Not Found since the last newsletter came out.
  • Other Neat Links: A collection of other interesting articles from all over the web.
  • Great Debates: If particularly interesting Twitter threads concerning .NET, web tech, development, life, or anything else arise, I will discuss them here.
  • Hot Projects: if any new or interesting open-source projects crop up, I'll talk about them here.
  • Other interesting links, projects, video, or blog posts as I encounter them.

Please note that I do not intend for The Catch Block to become a link newsletter like The Morning Brew or Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew; those publications are certainly useful and indeed I am subscribed to them both, but that's not what The Catch Block is going to be.

I want The Catch Block to be more in-depth than those publications, and attempt to see the why of things in addition to the what. Plus, good writing takes time, and I want everything I publish to be at least good, if not excellent.

Submit Your Ideas!

Got a neat link, project, video, or something else that you think is worthy of being included in the newsletter? Did you make something that is exceptionally useful, insightful, or just plain fun? I want to know about it! Send it to me at exceptionnotfound1 at gmail dot com or contact me on Twitter. I always love to hear about new projects, blog posts, videos, and ideas.

A light bulb lies on a table.
Yes, even this one. ESPECIALLY this one. Photo by Frank Vessia / Unsplash

Sign Up to Receive The Catch Block!

The Catch Block begins to go out to paid subscribers in a few days! Be sure to subscribe to this blog and become a paying member if you would like The Catch Block to be delivered to your inbox every Wednesday. I look forward to writing this newsletter and sharing it with my dear readers for a long, long time.

As always, thanks for reading, and happy coding!