Creating a Post Archive with the Ghost API and jQuery

I've long been missing an important feature in Ghost, my blog publishing platform: there's no inherent feature to create a post archive, or a list of all my posts in one place. I've gotten several requests for this feature, so I finally decided to just sit down and develop it using the Ghost Public API and a tiny bit of jQuery. What follows is how I built my post archive the first time around. I have since replaced it with... Read more >

Using Ghost's Public API to Select Five Random Posts

One of the changes I made recently to this site is the addition of the "Five Random Posts" area on the left sidebar. Here's a screenshot in case I decide to change my layout later: I use Ghost as my blogging engine, and recently they've unveiled a public API that allows theme users to query Ghost's data to retrieve posts, tags, authors and such. I've long wanted a feature on my blog to highlight some of my previous... Read more >

Using Gulp.js and the Task Runner Explorer in Visual Studio 2015

We're setting up a new ASP.NET 5 ASP.NET Core 1.0 project in Visual Studio 2015, and my team is trying to get used to the idea of "Task Runners" such as Grunt.js or Gulp.js. We're brand new to this idea, and my personal philosophy is What I don't understand, I cannot change, so obviously I need to understand these pieces of tech before I can hope to use them properly. Let's see if... Read more >

Wait, Pick, Learn, Ignore: Dealing with JavaScript Framework Fatigue

I'm mostly a server-side developer, but occasionally I delve into the wild world of client-side programming. Each time I do, I get bombarded with blog posts and tweets and advocates, each hyping their own preferred JavaScript framework. Use Angular, they said. No, do Knockout, others proclaimed. Pssh, React is the way to go, a third group shouts. Ember.js is the one true way, or so says their adherents. It seems like every day a new JavaScript framework appears, and... Read more >