Performance Doesn't Matter (Unless You Can Prove That It Does)

I get bombarded with questions like these all the time from my fellow developers: "Which is faster, .Count() or .Any()?" "Should I use a Redis database for my reads rather then SQL Server? I heard Redis is amazingly fast." "Won't [Snippet X] be faster than [Snippet Y] because it's more optimized?" The interesting thing about all of these questions is that they each have a defined, measurable answer. Almost certainly, .Any() will be faster... Read more >

Between Two Stacks: The Consequences of a Data-Less Decision

We've been having an ongoing debate in our team about what archicture to use to implement our new enterprise-level application. There are two possible solutions, one familiar, one fast, but we can't seem to reach a conclusion as to which to use. A lack of applicable data is forcing us to make this key decision on intuition and guesswork, and I can't help but wonder how else we might be able to decide which path to take. Speed lights 2... Read more >

Dapper vs Entity Framework vs ADO.NET Performance Benchmarking

We have an upcoming project in my group that is going to need to be very, very performant. This project will involve us querying for data from a SQL database, transforming that data into strongly-typed objects, then returning those objects to the calling system through a service layer. Eventually, this service will be a central pillar in our organization's service-oriented architecture (SOA), and as such it absolutely has to be fast. We generally want to use Entity Framework for our... Read more >