The Toxic Glorification of Working Hard

Twitter has lately been awash in ads. I don't mean the normal annoying ads, the ones promoting the latest Disney movie or some upcoming tech conference. I mean a more insidious kind of ad. The kind of ad that strives to steal your time. Ads like this: On the surface, this little advertisement seems like no big deal: a woman who loves her job was still doing it at nine months pregnant. That kind of tenacity, that dedication to their... Read more >

Programming Is Awesome, But Programmers Suck

I was re-reading the fantastic piece by Peter Welch called Programming Sucks, which is a classic despite it being only two years old. In the piece, Mr. Welch repeatedly demonstrates why programming (and the atmosphere surrounding it), well, sucks, which results in simultaneously hilarious and sobering paragraphs such as this one: "You discover that one day [while debugging a program], some idiot decided that since another idiot decided that 1/0 should equal infinity, they could just use that... Read more >

Popularity Breeds Haters (or Why You CAN Be A Good .NET Developer)

A most interesting blog post was written a couple of days ago, and while I understand the author's frustration, I do not agree with his conclusion. The developer in question is Rob Ashton, who wrote a post attempting to figure out why people seem to leave the .NET development world in droves. I can't argue that I haven't seen that occur, because I have, but I think he arrives at entirely the wrong conclusion from reductive logic. He declares that:... Read more >