Welcome to the eleventh edition of The Catch Block!

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I wrote an entire story for inclusion in this edition of The Catch Block, but I had to scrap it once I remembered that MS Build is happening this week! So, I am interrupting our normal programming (and delaying the newsletter by one day) to bring you highlights from MS Build, including Blazor WebAssembly, Codespaces, .NET MAUI, winget, and terminal changes!

Also in this edition: the mystery of the French Thousands Separator, a burning question about Azure DevOps, and more!

MS Build Announcements

Here's a high-level overview of the major announcements coming out of Build:

Will Azure DevOps Merge with GitHub?

At my company, we use Azure DevOps to store our source code, run our build pipelines, etc. But considering Microsoft already owns the largest code repository in the world, it is worth wondering: will DevOps and GitHub ever merge?

Drive Around The Mountain
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From all the announcements so far at Build, the most dramatic was the one missing: I didn't see any improvements announced for Azure DevOps.

This is concerning to me for two reasons: one, because I was under the impression that Azure DevOps was a flagship product for Microsoft, and two, because unless there's some kind of automatic conversion tool available, converting all my company's myriad DevOps repositories to GitHub would be a massive work effort.

Here's hoping Microsoft has some magic up its sleeve, so that us Azure DevOps users aren't left out in the cold.

Other Previews and Announcements

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