I'm having this dilemma, and I need your help, dear reader, to solve it.

I recently began writing a new series of posts called the Read-Aloud Corner, and it is so much fun to write that I think I'll keep doing it for a while. Read-Aloud Corner is where I write about our experiences reading various books aloud and what my kids thought of them, as well as tips on how other families might follow in our footsteps. We (me and my three kids) have read six books as a family together, are working on a seventh, and aren't going to stop anytime soon.

But there's a problem. That problem is that Exception Not Found is intended for a technical audience and the Read-Aloud Corner series is intended for parents of elementary-school children. These are two very different sets of people.

Now, it so happens that a great many of my readers are not only technical people, but also parents. I have written technical posts that feature my children in the past. But it occurs to me that there will be a significant chunk of my audience that will have no need or desire to read the Read-Aloud Corner series. In fact, publishing Read-Aloud Corner on this blog might be more annoying than helpful, and my first goal with Exception Not Found is to be helpful to my audience.

To a certain extent, this is my blog and I can simply do as I like. But I recognize that I have a, shall we say, unspoken agreement with my readers about what kind of content Exception Not Found shall consist of. I feel it would be ungracious of me to continue publishing Read-Aloud Corner stories without first getting the opinion of my audience.

I have already published three Read-Aloud Corner stories. I have five more in varying stages of completion. I'm just not sure what to do with them.

Here's where you come in, my lovely readers. I need your opinion on what I should do with the Read-Aloud Corner series going forward. As I see it, there are two options:

  1. Continue to publish Read-Aloud Corner as part of Exception Not Found OR
  2. Make Read-Aloud Corner its own blog with its own domain, comments, site design, etc.

Obviously there's no guarantee I'm going to do what you all say, even if there's a clear consensus. If everybody tells me to stop writing the Read-Aloud Corner series altogether, I'll just ignore it :). But I do want to know your opinion.

So, in the comments below, tell me why you think Read-Aloud Corner should continue to be published with Exception Not Found, or why it should be split off into its own site. I look forward to reading your responses!

Happy Coding!