About a week ago I asked for my readers' opinions on what to do with the Read-Aloud Corner series, and the response was pretty consistent across the board.

"I'd suggest separating them, for SEO and reasons as mentioned by others. I think you'll get more eyes on that excellent content that way."

"Personally I would prefer if the read aloud series is published elsewhere. I love reading the technical and developer posts, but find myself rather disappointed to see a new blog post, and find its only a 'read aloud' post :( I certainly think also that the read aloud series would appeal to a much wider audience if its on its own site. As others have mentioned, it might be a bit daunting for a non-technical person to trawl through all the technical posts looking for read aloud content."

"I have no problem with the Read-Aloud posts intermingling with the technical content; I find both interesting. On the other hand, people who came to your blog looking specifically for Read-Aloud Corner posts are probably going to be more than a little mystified by posts like "ASP.NET Core Demystified - Action Results".
"I'd probably spin the Read-Aloud Corner off into another blog. You could always cross-post things from there to here."
-Eric Richards

I find Eric's argument particularly compelling: while there is a lot of overlap between the audience for Exception Not Found and the audience for Read-Aloud Corner, there will be a lot of people in the audience for Read-Aloud Corner that will find the technical content on this blog confusing, or even scary and off-putting.

And so, in the interest of appealing to both sets of my readers, I've spun the Read-Aloud Corner series off into it's own blog! Check it out!

The Read-Aloud Corner

For those of you who want to keep getting the Read-Aloud Corner content in your feeds or inboxes, you can add the RSS feed or subscribe by email. I may cross-post articles from Read-Aloud Corner to Exception Not Found, but not the other way around and probably not for a while.

Thanks for all of your opinions, and if you're so inclined, go check out the posts on Read-Aloud Corner and let me know how I'm doing!

Happy Reading!

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