Using AutoMapper with StructureMap in ASP.NET Web API

I'm on a "Combine These Two NuGet Packages in Web API" kick lately, so let's keep that going! We're going to set up an ASP.NET Web API project that uses AutoMapper and StructureMap to provide us with mapping and injection-based repositories and controllers. I already covered how to get started with StructureMap in Setting Up Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Web API, so this post will focus more on what AutoMapper does and how to use it... Read more >

Loading Entity Framework Related Entities with AutoMapper and Reflection

In a previous post I mentioned how we would be using AutoMapper to create Data-Transfer Objects out of Entity Framework entities; the DTOs would then be transmitted over a WCF service. Well, as often happens, a new requirement surfaced recently, and the solution we came up with turned out to be pretty useful, so now I'm sharing it with you all. The Problem The issue we had was this: because this app needs to keep performance in mind (and because... Read more >

Mapping Entity Framework Entities to DTOs with AutoMapper

One of the projects that my team is working on is a major WCF service that will serve as a hub for our company-specific data. This hub will allow multiple other projects to query for and receive certain data. Because we want to use Entity Framework for the data-access layer and WCF for the service layer, we figured we could just use the created Entity Framework Code First classes as DataContracts over WCF. Something like this: [Table("Team"... Read more >