StructureMap is my preferred Inversion of Control (IoC) provider.

A Simple Caching Scheme for Web API using Dependency Injection

I use Dependency Injection (DI) quite a bit in my ASP.NET projects, particularly in Web API and MVC web applications. Recently, I had a need to implement a caching layer in one of my MVC apps, and such a layer would be best used if it could be injected into my clients layer (e.g. the layer that called an API and handled responses from the same). The solution I came up with seemed to be pretty simple, so... Read more >

Getting Started with Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core

I've lately been feeling my way around getting an actual, production-ready ASP.NET Core app developed, and one of the features I've really been digging (one of many) is native support for Dependency Injection (DI). DI is huge in modern web apps, so making it the default for ASP.NET Core applications is, IMO, a big step forward for this framework. But, at the moment, the documentation page for dependency injection in ASP.NET Core has an example that just... Read more >

Using AutoMapper with StructureMap in ASP.NET Web API

I'm on a "Combine These Two NuGet Packages in Web API" kick lately, so let's keep that going! We're going to set up an ASP.NET Web API project that uses AutoMapper and StructureMap to provide us with mapping and injection-based repositories and controllers. I already covered how to get started with StructureMap in Setting Up Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Web API, so this post will focus more on what AutoMapper does and how to use it... Read more >

Setting Up Dependency Injection in Web API with StructureMap

Up until recently I hadn't really used any Dependency Injection (DI) frameworks in my ASP.NET projects, largely due to them being rather intimidating to set up the first time. I mean, I barely grasp the concept of DI, so the thought of trying to implement it on my own is worrisome. Recently, though, my group had a requirement that forced us to consider using a DI framework (which I wrote about in Custom Validation in ASP.NET Web API... Read more >