In Praise of the Junior Developer

"She's a project," my boss said to me. "She's green, and even though she's been working here for several months, you should consider her like a brand new college graduate. She'll need a lot of oversight, a lot of hand-holding and you'll still be expected to finish your projects on time." "Excellent," I said. I'm not sure why my boss felt the need to warn me. Melissa is a new, green developer. I know... Read more >

It's All Just Software

I had a meeting with a customer (let's call her Kate) last week, and she wanted some changes to a web-based messaging application that my group owns and manages. That meeting didn't exactly go as planned. Blame Tennis Here's how the conversation between myself and Kate went: Matthew: OK, so the request you submitted said you wanted the icon on the task bar to flash orange whenever a message comes in from the messaging application, right? Kate: Right. Matthew: Unfortunately,... Read more >

Explain Yourself!

A few days ago I was summoned to a meeting where one of the most basic ideas a web programmer can have wasn't obvious to our non-technical customers. Something had gotten lost in translation, and now I had to try to explain myself. Our customers (let's call them Kate and Harold) wanted us to develop a web site that would allow users to type some answers into a questionnaire on a webpage, then take those answers and insert them into... Read more >