15 Fundamental Laws of the Internet

(AKA How To Sound Smart In Your Next Online Rant) Wiio's Law What is the internet? The internet is, at heart, a communication tool, a way for disparate people across the globe to spread ideas, opinions, and generally communicate with each other more easily than has ever been possible. Unfortunately, communication is hard. Finnish academic Osmo Antero Wiio formulated a serious of humorous laws that succinctly explain how communication works between humans; specifically, that it doesn't. The set of laws... Read more >

Analysis Paralysis and the Peril of Infinite Knowledge

Stop the world, I want to write it all down! -attributed to Donald Knuth Permanent Students In my opinion, a programmer can do his job in the most productive way by believing that he is always a student. There are always multiple paths by which to solve a problem with code, and it takes experience to learn which is the best. We must constantly be learning, for the technology and methods improve so rapidly that without learning, we quickly fall... Read more >