Solving the Stupid Bug

A few weeks back I wrote about a very unusual bug that returned 500 errors for routes that should have been valid. Recently my team and I, to our great relief, discovered the cause of this bug. Of course, that wasn't before we ended up yelling "WTF?!" a great many times. A great many times. A New Failing Route Most of the our collective WTFs occurred when we discovered the original problem. As I wrote about in the... Read more >

A Stupid Bug and a Plea for Help

UPDATE (17 May 2017): We've fixed the stupid bug described in this post! Check it out! Bug hunts can take on many forms. Some are simple cleanup jobs, some take hours and end up being something stupid, and some look rather easy and turn out to be impossible. My group recently encountered a fourth kind, a bug where the solution is found but makes no sense, and we could use some help figuring out why this bug exists. Birth of... Read more >