Solving Minesweeper with C# and LINQ

Anybody who's spent any time at a Windows machine in the last 26 years has probably played a few games of Minesweeper: I mostly work in the ASP.NET space, and I'd been wondering for a few weeks how feasible it was to build a program that could solve Minesweeper automatically, similar to what I did for the board game Candy Land a few months ago. You can see where this is going: I wrote a Minesweeper solver program using... Read more >

The Beginner's Guide to LINQ in .NET

Just want the code? Download the sample project from GitHub! What is LINQ? LINQ stands for Language INtegrated Query, a feature of .NET that was released as part of version 3.5 way back in 2007. It greatly improved the ability of C# and VB programmers to handle and parse data in business-level code. What LINQ does is provide a syntax that allows business-level programmers to query sets of data without needing to know any SQL. Let's demo some really... Read more >