Welcome to the 14th edition of The Catch Block!

Awww, look! They love each other! Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

This edition is going to be shorter than normal, as I have spent most of my free time this last week working on a special project that I am going to announce tomorrow. Don't forget to watch out for that, in the second part of the Minesweeper in Blazor series. This blog is going to focus heavily on Blazor for the next few weeks.

In this edition: Web Live Preview, Blazor vs React, money, validation, IO containers, time management, nesting, a new .NET 5 preview, and how to think about async.

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The Catch Block #13 - Protests, a Survey, Dark Patterns, and an Unsubmitted Coding Test
Plus Life, donations, the “default”, Rust, Presence, and errors and warnings.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to see tomorrow's post for a special announcement, and we'll see you next week!