Welcome to the fifth edition of The Catch Block!

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In this edition: Free April, CQRS, clouds, Regex, good enough vs perfect, .NET 5, and feelings.

Pluralsight is Free for April!

I totally missed this last week and am kicking myself for it. Pluralsight is completely, totally free for the month of April! This is a seriously good deal, one you shouldn't pass up. You don't even need a credit card. Check it out!

While you are there, you can see my talk from CodeMash 2020, "Hold Up, Wait a Minute, Let Me Put Some Async In It." Also check out a cool course from Julie Lerman and Steve Smith about domain-driven design fundamentals, and many more!

You can also check out Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard's blog post with this announcement.

Cool Reads

  • Getting Started with CQRS (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) (Diogo Souza) - CQRS (Command/Query Responsibility Segregation) is a highly useful design pattern that comes down to a simple idea: the reads in a system should be separate from the writes. Diogo's longform series explores exactly how to do this, using MongoDB, RabbitMQ, and ASP.NET Core.
  • Feeling Remote (Eric Brechner) - I know these sorts of posts are getting trite, but on the other hand, we're all in an unprecedented situation here. Eric's post on working from home hits hard right off the bat with an uncomfortable truth: working from home isn't very comfortable unless you can make it so. Take a look at Eric's suggestions, and see if they work for you and your family.
  • Up to the clouds! (John Reilly) - John documents the story of his team moving to ASP.NET Core and migrating their app to the cloud. I know of many teams using a similar setup to his (including Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Kerberos, Hangfire and more) and his story might be of use to many of my readers.
  • Export Data to Excel with ASP.NET Core (Thomas Ardal) - Part of me really cannot believe we're still having to do this in 2020, and part of me is relieved that we are. Maybe things don't change too much after all.

Previews and Announcements

The second preview of .NET 5 is out, and with it comes a bunch of announcments.

Other Neat Reads

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Note: A previous version of this newsletter incorrectly attributed the article "Checking DataTypes in JavaScript" to Mosh Hamedani, when in fact it was written by Alcides Queiroz. The attribution has since been fixed.