Welcome to the landmark 50th edition of The Catch Block!

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In this edition, we continue our burnout series with two more forces that can contribute to software developers burning out of programming. Plus: .NET 6 Preview 2 has been released, JWT tokens, a task-based UI, and more thoughtful code reviews.

Let's jump right in!

Burnout Cause #4 - No Clear Directions

For new developers getting into this field directly from college or other structured environments, there is a nasty wake-up call lying in wait for them.

Unlike in school, where the professors tell you what they want you to do and can help you do it, in the working world the users and customers often have no idea what they actually want, and instead tell you what they think they want. These can bear no resemblance to one another.

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"I need something to cut all this grass." "A scythe or a lawnmower?" "I dunno, you figure it out!" Photo by Benjamin Davies / Unsplash

At this point it becomes someone's responsibility to figure out what exactly the customer means. In well-organized companies, this responsibility will fall to the lead developer or a manager or technical writer or someone who has the skills and experience necessary to make sense of incomplete requirements.

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