Welcome to the 52nd edition of The Catch Block!

In this edition, we finish off our Burnout Series. Plus: more job listings; REST APIs in CQRS; location; feedback and biases; and Slack's odd decision.

Let's dive right in to the last two items in the burnout series!

Lack of Work/Life Balance

There is an epidemic in our profession, and it has a name: forced overtime.

"Just this last little bit, then I'll go home, I swear," said the many. Photo by Mitchell Luo / Unsplash

Programming as an industry is rife with forced overtime. We are expected to pull many hours above the standard 40 just to keep up. Working nights and weekends is common, and I've listened to conversations where people brag about how little sleep they've been getting recently because they're working. That's a ridiculous conversation, but not an uncommon one.

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