Welcome to the 55th edition of The Catch Block! In this edition: a story about jargon and a necessary reminder that I seem to keep needing.

Plus: reading and writing Excel spreadsheets with C#, KlipTok, tips for leaders running one-on-one meetings, reflections on a tech job hunt, end of support for old .NET versions, and more!

Let's go!

Typesetting in wood
Photo by Raphael Schaller / Unsplash

A Necessary Reminder

"Can we replace these with something less jargon-y?"

That was a strange question, and I admit it took me by surprise. Our users were asking to change a column in a table in one of our apps from true/false values to yes/no values. They felt it was too technical, which seemed utterly absurd to me. Yet, I ended up being reminded of something rather important: I am not the user.

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