Welcome to the 57th Edition of The Catch Block!

In this edition: a story about choices. Plus: the implosion of Basecamp, fixing Git mistakes, Gall's Law, and a tip for Visual Studio users.

A group of people watch and record a building being imploded.
"I don’t accept that framing,” Photo by Micah Williams / Unsplash

Choices, Made Intentionally

In the project my team and I are working on, we have a lot of HTML and markup that is reused, verbatim, throughout the application. Things like section headers that don't have a section body, which, due to the front-end framework we are using, also needs two wrapping <div> tags. I call these "lone" section headers, and they look like this:

<div class="row">
    <div class="lg-12 col">
                <h3>This is a test header</h3>
CSS is changed to obscure precisely which front-end framework we are using.

To me, this is quite a lot of markup. But given our current CSS and our particular front-end framework, this is the correct way to write these headers. Still, it bothers me, more than it should; that's a lot of markup cluttering my views.

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