This past week has had some excellent quality reads, so let's dive into them!

Six Quality Reads

Nobody does wide-ranging tech and security posts like Troy Hunt, and his latest is no exception:

The Internet of Things is a Complete Mess (and how to Fix it)
I’ve spent more time IoT’ing my house over the last year than any sane person ever should. But hey, it’s been strange times for all of us and it’s kept me entertained whilst no longer travelling. Plus, it’s definitely added to our lives in terms of the things it enables

As someone who has spent quite a bit of time looking into how he can IoT-ify his house, this article is concerning to me. Seems that we are now forced to pick ecosystems, not accessories, and stick with them (looks like it'll be HomeKit for me since we mostly have Apple stuff anyway). Great for the companies, but is that good for us?

That said, Troy's suggestions on how to make the situation better, starting with "use a baseline set of APIs that remain stable, dang you", seems like good advice and I wish more companies would adhere to it.

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