Welcome to the 73rd Edition of The Catch Block!

In this edition: we explore a new way to architect our applications and a cool way to lead driven, focused teams. Plus a new toolkit for MAUI; the .NET team's favorite features; async streaming in .NET 6; using caller member attributes in C# to implement better debugging; source generators and Blazor; and a trip through the archives of this very newsletter.

Vertical Slice Architecture

Derek Comartin has a post up detailing the Vertical Slice Architecture, which is a way to structure your apps so that code is structured around, and focuses upon, features rather than logical divisions of code.

Restructuring to a Vertical Slice Architecture
What is Vertical Slice Architecture? It’s about focusing and organizing code by features and capabilities, not technical concerns!

The idea is to "slice" the code into features, which do not interact with one another, except to interact with the underlying domain:

I find this architecture interesting because the idea is to keep code that changes together, physically together. Due to this, when changes happen, the impact they have on the larger codebase is minimized, localized to the feature that needed to change. In theory, this will make our codebase more stable, more robust, able to be more easily and thoroughly updated. It's a fascinating idea.

Check out the post for more!

.NET MAUI Community Toolkit

As part of the ongoing shift from Xamarin to MAUI, Microsoft released a Community Toolkit for MAUI:

Introducing the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit (Preview)
Announcing the first preview release of the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit.

This toolkit "does not yet include all of the amazing community contributions" from the Xamarin equivalent, but they're working toward that.

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