Welcome to the 44th Edition of The Catch Block!

The Magic of Creating

"Dad, can you teach me how to REALLY code?"

I was not expecting my 11-year-old son to ask me that question on a Monday afternoon three weeks ago.

A really nice door on the streets of Marrakech. This town has the most amazing doors and entrances ever.
What's behind door number 1? Photo by Jac Alexandru / Unsplash

See, my kids (B, 11; A, 11; and K, 8) are already somewhat familiar with the concepts behind programming. They've used code.org and MIT's Scratch for a few years now, and K has a great time getting her friendly animals to dance to pop songs.

But B has asked me before if those sites were the same kind kind of thing that I did in my daily job, and of course I had to tell him "no". So, one day, he worked up the courage to ask me the above question. Which led to my dilemma: where should I start?

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