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In this edition: not alone, more CQRS, injection, refactoring, a game of Life, Hexo, a Strangler, and your blogging voice.

You Are Not Alone

"This situation sucks."

One of the blog posts that really stuck with me this week was written by Rion Williams. Titled "No, You Aren't Alone", he touches on why so many of us feel helpless, or depressed, or worried during this time of COVID-19 and quarantine.

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He makes this specific point:

"As someone that has been working fully remote for several years I can easily say this is not what normal, fully remote work is like."

And this is the key point that I find I must remind myself of daily. This is not normal. We are not living in normal times. And it's okay to be not normal. It's okay to be stressed, or worried, or more snappish than you usually are. Trying to keep a cool head and focus on your work is far more difficult now. It's okay. This is not normal.

But it will become normal again. It will, though it doesn't seem like it now. We will go back to working in our normal environments, to our kids being at school and not missing it, to our loved ones being able to be in the same space as us. We will return to normalcy at some point, hopefully some point sooner than later. And when that happens, we will be glad of the measures we took now, that saved lives then.

I will admit, my personal situation is a bit more manageable than Rion's. My kids are 10, 10, and 7, able to clothe, feed, and entertain themselves for long periods of time. We still help them with their remote school and they need us to do many things for them, but it's not everything. It is difficult to imagine how my wife and I might have handled this if our kids were younger.

All that said, remember, it's okay to be not normal. You will be normal again. Let's hope that time gets here quickly.

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Guest writer Vladimir Vozar published a four-part series last week all about building a Hexo blog site and deploying it to GitHub Pages. The series begins with his post about installing a Hexo blog and adding a new theme. Please check it out, and let Vladimir know how he did!

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  • Why and Where Should You Use React For Web Development (Prayaag Kasundra) - As I've admitted before in this space, I'm not all caught up on front-end frameworks, so it's articles like this one that help me learn. This particular article takes a business-oriented approach to the justification of using React, so if you're in a position where you need to convince people above you to use a new front-end framework, and you'd like it to be React.js, this article will be very useful.
  • Life, part 1 (Eric Lippert) - We lost mathematician John Horton Conway this last week to complications from COVID-19. Conway was most famous for his implementation of the "game of life" in which cells propagate and live or die depending on whether or not they have enough neighbors (this is a gross oversimplification). Eric is starting a series all about this model, and it's worth a read.

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