Welcome to the 82nd edition of The Catch Block!

In this edition: .NET 6 is ready for prime time! Plus: breaking changes; pattern matching; scheduled jobs; beg bounties, and career goals.

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.NET 6 is Ready for the Big Time!

We covered a bunch of the cool stuff .NET 6, C# 10 and VS 2022 have in store in last week's post, but this week makes it official: .NET 6 is ready for production! Check out the links below for more information on .NET 6, C# 10 and Visual Studio 2022 releases!

Announcing .NET 6 -- The Fastest .NET Yet
.NET 6 is now available. It is easier to use, runs faster, and has many new features.
Cool things: unified platform, massive performance improvements.
Announcing ASP.NET Core in .NET 6
.NET 6 is now released! ASP.NET Core in .NET 6 includes everything you need to build rich modern web UI and powerful back-end services. What’s new? Here’s a sampling of the great new features and improvements in ASP.NET Core for .NET 6: Hot reload: Apply changes to Razor,
Cool things: hot reload, minimal APIs, lots of Blazor improvements.
Visual Studio 2022 now available
I am really excited to announce that we’ve reached general availability for Visual Studio 2022. Watch the keynote on YouTube.
Cool things: IntelliCode, 64-bit application, new icons. 
Welcome to C# 10
Check out the great new features in C# 10 as part of .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022, that make your code prettier, more expressive, and faster.
Cool things: global usings, file-level namespaces, improvements to lambdas.

Breaking Changes in .NET 6

If you want to migrate an app to .NET 6, you should probably take a look at this list of breaking changes:

Breaking changes in .NET 6 - .NET
Navigate to the breaking changes in .NET 6.

I took a glance through the list and didn't see anything too big, but you should check, just in case, if you've got a migration coming up soon.

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